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Oh borrow you and that we're playing today so I'm just going to pop all right player ants the name and login stand back. Nope just go with excuse me let's make baby hello what you're the FOA party that's really bit that I got come on right okay this thing's a bit. We have to be honest uh oh okay space Bob to you skill what do you mean it's really crushing big good game, if it worked all right like skill you've been, kicked out why all I want to do is play the game mate oh so I'm, here you think what balance sign up i log into this class no tank okay i'll go on to the tank on we'll see i don't really understand how I thought my mouse is blocked I bet it's not it. Turns oh its attack, right six fish all right okay so I eat them uh Oh okay fair enough this should be fine Oh alright well it seems like all. You've got to do what am i doing right now rank 5 second okay i'm doing well i'm seriously try to work his, game out because it's a bit strange to be honest I think wow I'm the first, one surely I'm doing something wrong well right out of six. See it's pretty damn good can't be better than mark but can I eat them can I eat the big ones or not Oh Oh somebody's beat me Oh rung, to come on you can't do that time to kick twittered I hope it lasts to keep playing keep your cursor on the app click, stream screen to continue okay your score 365 so that's, fine best to 50 55 tank class survival two minutes and 26 I've survived two minutes and 23 minute seconds after that again two minutes 23 seconds so if you can, go further do it and leave it, in the comments down below and I'll give this a try again thanks for watching [Applause] .