Ovar.io Hack

Wow let's go or this one to speak is what is big but we got a guy welcome guys my name is, video we go slay over I all right now guys so once in a while I need to play a different game like a. Different I yo game I need to explore I yo world and i stumbled across this game and the first thing that I noticed was, it was a sperm game your little sperma you need to go to the eggs or something I don't know how you call it in, English but it is the eggs in the woman that actually, need to you also have different characters like the cluster the tank the ghost and the soldier and the scout and. The first thing that I noticed was for these you need to login. With your facebook now let me tell you one thing nobody will log in with facebook because who is going to log in with your Facebook on the sperm game. Like seriously you know this is just a little bit weird but aside dad it's pretty, fun game we can actually choose this guy right here the tank and knees.

Are also pretty good it's also pretty good so let's go whoa alright what is this I never played this game so this is actually my first time playing this game guys where the hell.

I'm okay i think i'm going to a good way because i see those one of those guys doing what are you guys doing. Alright how much. HP do I have oh okay um where the hell am I guys oh yeah so if you see this guy you just. Need to know what well nevermind okay rude right there come on spam the space I'm faster there we go guys perfect we are. So amazing guys there we go guys I need to find a / io again this game is pretty weird Oh always good.

Yeah right guys come I god they're actually trying to kill me are you what I thought is there a, possibility o ye all right perfect guys perfect we need to get more we need to get more or I.

Guess let's kill this guy we did kill that guy, alright perfect how many scored you have we have a school 162 I'm not all right all right here guys let's go let's go yes yes yes but. Oh my god I'm in the first place guys with 300, points that's amazing guys that's amazing let's go another / io has been spawned but where I cannot see any other. Air right here guys right here oh yes I gotta I gotta I'm so good at spending my spacebar holy crap guys now where do it another one guys boy I'm perfect guys, come on come on okay we just killed, somebody we're heading the glue way we almost got a war on K points Oh another overall has been spun been where guys where yeah yeah what somebody else has it. Wow what I don't want right here guys yes yes yes okay I got it I got it I got it this man, he's mine let's go the first place doing a really, great job guys another overall has been spawned but I died for some reason change my clothes to cluster right they are the.

Real OG sperms all right let's go let's go let's go let's go all right guys perfect I think this character, is stronger no no no no no no no no no oh my god i need to go I need to go guys come on come on guys, Carmen where isn't over i, oh come on oh yes right here guys we are lucky yes guide I want at least one Capo's guys one came. Know even more 10k points all right no vio has been fun but where where is his pawn I, don't see you I do not see you guys just write that guy's yeah oh yeah I got it I got it I don't. Got it I don't know go get it i am not sure I'm not sure guys oh my god we are in the first place, I'm I'm the leader I'm the freaking leader guys yes I got a freaky crown on my head guys you guys don't you. Guys are no paramedic let's go yes guys alright guys let's, go we doing a really great job where is over I oh I need to find it I need to find, it raised it where is it guys come on hey stop killing me I'm. Dead I'm bad oh all right I need to focus guys I need to focus oh wait there's one right here guys perfect all right let's go further there's no further let's wait for another over, I yo guys let's go let's, go that's all right guys yes right here in front of a face come on and we got that first now where is not a one way is the next one, guys where is the next one, ways it weighs it I can't find it it has already been spawned with where where where is it oh my, god so can we do who is the leader now why how did I get kill the gang guys all right on over I yo has me spunk right here guys. Come on come on perfect guys that is ours now let's go and find the next. One all right right there right there I thought I thought I'm solid yes come on and we did it guys perfect we. Need to actually regain health dick whoa let's go or this. One is big this one is big but we got it guys we actually got it really great now where do we need to go guys we need to find the.

Next one I think the next one will spawn, around here guys around here I'm not right it should be around here I guess it's not can't find what is right here nah oh no, I need to go right there oh my god other ones. Already trying to get it better this mind there we go guys I'm the leader right now I'm on the. First place this guy's trying to kill me nice very nice all right let's slowly just guys discuss these guys come. On come on come on come on come on come on come on gotta get against come on Dad's what I'm talking. About guys I need to run I need to run I need to go and get my HP bag my HP yes yes get it deck I need to heal.

Myself and there we go guys wait right here all right here guys like we're doing a. Really great job that we are very lucky no real has responded where yes right here yes guys there's ours let's go I need to. Run I'm not a one right here let's go yes birth that guys let's go away all right we, need to find another one where is another one it's right here guys. Right here and we also go to get this one all right this, is perfect let's go let's go let's go should be around here where is a spawn where is it it's probably here yes guys come on a fast from fans dude I'm really good at spending this, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing yes, let's go let's go yes all right we're doing amazing 1k points already and we are still in the first place we are, actually dominating this alright another one guys oh my. God we going good where do we need to go guys where do we need to go come on right here but where is it.

Guys I cannot see it but it is right here yes come on come on come. On yes there we go guys he's here he's here can we still be faster than this guy oh my god that was so close whoa or either need to. Watch out for that that, was scary nope no don't we not oh my god I literally died 1.3 k that's all right think to stage this one right this one is ours perfect perfect guys. Come on now we're doing it oh there's not over your idea guys right there perfect perfect guys perfect nobody'll has, been spawned beware right there guys right there yes is there another one know that fat guy's, not gonna take it I'm still the leader holy crap guys go on let's go now where is that we oh my god no no no no no, no no no kill me oh yeah yes yes yes come on no I'm faster, and faster men go yes guys people are dying in my stuff is my overall kills people but it also gives me points I don't know, but this one is mine there you go there you go guys again all right let's go for another. One cannot see the one we need to search where is it oh my god i, need to go yes right there right there guys right there perfect now let's go guys go come on. Let's go for the next one where will be the next one it already has been spawned I think it is more down. I'm not a hundred percent sure I hope we are the first one who will see it, yes guys oh my god you really need to be good at searching again another. One has been spawned I guess this one is more in the center I have no idea think oh right here in front of my face perfect perfect let's. Go now let's go further, we r 1 K points guys I think we need a little bit more actually want to get 2k points that is my goal I don't know if that's gonna work without try, guys all right oh yes right here no no no no no no, you're not faster than me i'm sooo perfect probably the fastest / my life there's another one right here oh yes right there right there come on we're, taking this one too there we go perfect all right oh my god there's another one yes yes oh my god yes oh it. Regarded we got a guy's holy travel fest oh he hates his life. Right now he was so close you're not faster than me you're, not faster than me there we go nobody says to me I'm the fastest / my life we need to search food oh my god. This guy's this guy's cheeky yes I seek anything watch out for this guy yes. Right here oh my god this one is big doesn't also give more points if it is bigger I have no idea guys. Must be around here I guess yes guys come on no no no no I got it perfect perfect guys holy crap you always got to, quepos guys we're doing a really great job of this right there how did I get killed I got 17 / iOS that's. Pretty good but how did I get killed I had actually a lot of, fun i really like this game i hope it gets a lot of updating in their future because i'm, gonna know life this game for sure but let's end it right here guys if you like situations you drop a like subscribe share alike friend i'll see, you in the next video .