Ovar.io Unblocked

Okay today guys we're gonna play over whatever that is so oh la dot io see what it is I'm running with you guys so I I figure it's easier to cover the video if you. Learn exactly what they look like just say what's on your mind okay so balanced, Proudie ooh crowd stealthy oh come on I don't have a facebook that's Chuck oh come on campus I can't, be a sky it nope I'm gonna be cloudy cluster. Sad pizza that's okay look in standby just make baby what off okay that's just hello pardon okay let's see what ok now that we know how to lower lips how to play it. Oh kiddo via respond Oh skill blows up steak long life life life life thanks dang it okay so looks like a boy, what the what the heck is this space them to whittle of you rapid, space race race race race resistances the leader is now spin pizza okay wow that is just weird okay I am sad, pizza I am the lead oh that is just weird the unlock the needle now why is my sting, or blue on back to little cake good okay that was beard life scale what does skill do uh no okay with the skill do you, know what life does but what does k, life shooted ooh wrong direction second place okay ooh I am now the lead oh wow die okay so let's kill you JJ. JJ JJ JJ yeah o mio is fun what is Nov oh look a, little ago ago ago ago ago we go back up ah-bloo-bloo-bloo whole did i win how did I beat him how did I become oh fudge ok. So bullets ah ha ha ok uh uh step oh fudge Jackie O's can I beat way to get who is this oh ah ok I can't, win him over ok, I get it now life she Oded life life life life life give me life that wall hahaha sana sana supper supper supper supper supper supper, supper supper oh really now I'm gonna stop you today that's it i'm gonna turn home i, got net wah wah fudge dang it but my mama mama they get a fudge that was what ah why it's so blue why is it so blue nov. Away with all of you but the, doctor that uh doctor is this you owe me oh no cuz it's some shooting off stuff ah money waiting away when he wedding away winning in I ok uh okay let me get. Back to over yes yes now I'm gonna see, what the tank does okay okay take play that's my thing is yeah this is a weird game your objectives with as many.

Of you as possible rapids-based them take out others phones to buy tech posts tak okay sorry then I'm just not, saying anything I don't realize that at times okay ah yes you have, died talk cute people wear zou hey you guess what guess what whoo whoo whoo whoo time what okay check with the fudge i just got way, bigger oh I guess that's what attack means whoa oh yeah I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die every day I get it I can I get a guy no the flash is going to die ah dang it, I even checked to see if you died or not wha come on come on come on come on I'll, cross oh God consequat ah don't kill me crossing guard Boing Boing mmm bubu you're gonna gonna gonna gonna gonna getting a. Nigga nigga nigga ting yes that is me ok teck teck tap fudge i die come on ok i like this game it's. Fun it's not like um o space bar will go with my. Fudge don't kill me don't kill me don't kill me don't kill me okay dodododo dodododo children ah its bite like skill looks like just going fast just like everyone oh yes, yes I'm nonononono okay okay it's blue I don't. Like blue dye dye dye yes I killed him kick tight judge just look at all this stuff get out of this love ya five out of 30 what does, that say look three out of 30 okay talk to you. To die wat fudge dang it if I don't make it what why is my screen below okay uh take out take out some pickups man for tax.

Rate blah blah blah blah okay so why, is it balloon full screen no let's just fix it blue I'm full screen okay that's weird and so this is over you can play it, if you want but it's really kind of it's kind of hard but um yeah this is over bye, .