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I was once a good sperm I was once the best in my classes sperm what proof do I have of this you may be asking i am, the proof so I've been looking searching for a very long time not, that long I was searching it i just found the kit I wasn't even looking I've been searching for so long, to find the game that makes me remember the times the joyful times they have been my brothers and sisters swimming around before, I getting too much so I have two choices of characters to pick here I mean there's. More but it asked me to sign that all and I don't want to so I'm going to click on, tank because he that was very happy he doesn't he's very happy sperm and happiness these two productivity in which leads to success and, I've got a dollar big you gotta be a baby naughty nicknames not allowed try nice one where wasn't that not she was it christos per MO is not a naughty. Name your again a US firm in the. Scheme and it's telling me the word sperm is a naughty word in the game which is based around being a. Sperm ship got mad at her i understand it meaning censor yourself but you're not censoring yourself let's call it what it doesn't make any sense and, ordinances trust doblado that works see let's make babies it's a sperm okay so I swim around. And I'd pick up these little things the Red Bulls give me increased attack I will leave so soon well eight and being, attacked by other sperm I died that wasn't that's not how you that's not the hell you for sex, I survived for 19 seconds but I didn't even really know what the hell I was doing, when there's many of areas as possible rapid space left mouse button to win a Verya take out. Other sperms and survive attack opponents tail with head ah there you go you're going to attack their tails keep your turn away from other sperm okay I, need to read anymore I got it I can do that hang on hold up here.

Let me the sperm here okay well I pick up the blue balls and it increases my life I guess that's good the other ones, increased my skill and I need skill to, eat other sperms are no I'm being swamped I'm being suave what is this attack loose that's good is that good I don't know if I eating them no I died, again this just is not going according to plan the plan of course. Is to make baby I'm going to give this big fellow one more go and then if this doesn't work out this, time which I'm sure it will then I'll just switch over to the smaller ones. Because they seem to be or what is this oh is this the egg I got to get, in here how do I do that this is this a fight for production reproduction thick that crusty and crusty blow wants to be the. Baby please then I'm in a little smaller ones yum yum yum yum yum yum this is, just what it was like it think think about it it was this competitive and then out. Of all this competition and all this this hostility you want we want we stand here or sitting here today watching this where the winners we won, potentially the greatest bore of all of our lives we want it that's why we're here okay I gotta like in furiously tap like the space and stuff to.

Get in the middle of win i doing it right gah let me in the middle this is insane this is insane. What is even happening, I'm not even Dead Yet and if I got points if I got scores I gotta score 16 that's pretty, what this is what understand what's going on I don't know how to be better at it I. Mean the red bar at the bottom is filling up is that a good thing what happens when that fills up as I become a baby is there a later stage of this game where, I become a baby and then the game changes to the going.

Out in the real world and competing with people to get a job you ought to beat people away from taking. The food off your table because babies babies work in an office the red bar is for that but.

What I don't know what's going on and I'm getting out of it I don't I don't understand what's going on there I don't I don't understand it gonna. Hang around out here and everything up all skills and everything you want to eat my tail but it you can't have. It I hate. Him that's the first time I've seen that I've actually killed a person sperm it's not a person yet I mean do I just get bigger am I getting bigger it doesn't seem like I'm getting. Bigger I'm just getting more powerful I guess can I like swim around the outside like this and then, I eat them on oh and get an, attack by sperm they like the bloody piranha all right little crusty blows let's get moving and do your stuff what's the special skill we have just separate, Vienna formation will swim in a formation okay I can do that I didn't, know what I was doing look I mean this is that area again. What the hell's going on I mean I know what's going on I mean I know the odds man aim of this whole whole pregnancy thing I understand it but don't get how I get, like that well I just I just go in and see what happens again I don't even know where. I am I don't even know where I am yeah I'm getting the hell out of it I don't I mean that's a scary place. And, I don't understand it I'm perfectly happy just being a little sperm I'm a good deals I'm not even just one sperm I'm lots, of sperm if I win this can you win it I don't know depending on how many of my little blah bows i have left so I'd not just become a baby. I become like a twin or triplets Oh quintuplets or what's 145 I, don't know what happens but I mean I'm intrigued I, just picked up something that says shielded so I guess it that's pretty good this is the thing I picked up say shield it again that, good my life is shielded means they can't kill me when I have this shield on, me is that what happens is that what has happened am i doing a good thing am i doing well I don't think I am I mean that the sole purpose of espera miss, just become baby and blood oh no baby so far I'm just going to try and get on the leaderboard I guess. What about how do i need this guy you're gonna did I do that can, I attack him yeah killed him pretty good didn't we it's a, big red thing here what is this attack boost sweet you mean if I get, on the leaderboard then I'm gonna feel quite good about things are being attacked get off me these green little sperms are picking the, fight or the right side of that like on board by myself I just want me to learn belove him swim away little, blob OH swim away you're alone and you're a week now there's two of you we're, slowly building up strength again do I get my blood legs back over time or do I have to pick up the balls yeah pick, up the balls okay all the power is in the balls maybe this is what it was actually like maybe. That's why I want maybe that's why we all want because we're interested in games straight away interested in games right I'm upgrade a game than the game of life and. It starts right from the onset you just gotta win or. You die right you just dry it and then put, in a sock back hmm hey guess who's on the leaderboard guess who's number ten crust over Lobos are on number 10 on the leaderboard this is a this is a slight victory, so I get anything to being on the leaderboard. Maybe a plaque maybe a free pass into the egg maybe not that looks terrifying hey I'm retina bake now I know I just hate somebody again haha easy big fella oh god he. Does damage don't want to be around him it's me he's angry leave me alone please you're, not my father his name is the, father I didn't just say that I wasn't just a strange outburst that was that mean he actually typed his name as the father so there you go also I'm, ranked number six now schemes pretty easy if you're just going for the whole leaderboard thing if I win do, I go into some kind of character creation screen and I get to, decide what I look like as a baby possibly what I look like when I grow up that would be pretty cool. One of the things I wish for is like some kind of character creation screen you can access at any point latest in life like if you SAT there at home when you're thinking, I really wish I was good at hulu then you.

Could just open up the character creation screen and then you can you can just have a little attribute to you good at hula hooping but obviously if, everybody had that then life would be boring so really I just wanted these are powers. That I want I don't want anyone else to have these powers I've. Been swimming for a long time nothing really to show for it apart from number four on the leaderboard but I don't I mean I don't even know that means so I.

Don't know if that's number three now knows I'm number four get number three number four. Adam before it you know back and forth on that thing maybe when I'm number one I can get, the egg this guy let's give him haha get it get a. Lia lor devour my pretties devour oh he's devouring us I've picked a fight I probably shouldn't.

Have pics look please guys then one they want to start something yeah I'm glowing im mean I'm angry I just took out two of you I took out all of you you. Mess with me I'll I'll make sure you never swim and penis again an eye on the penis good glad, I'm on Athena says that be very weird so I can get to number 1 then I'm going to charge the, egg that's maybe I said that at some point that sighs I know that's at rest and have set their sentence, I'm almost number 1 i'm always number one three-point so two points away from me number. One no one point of it are number one my sperm got a little crown on him I didn't know that's. What actually happened what what happened to it what did I relinquish it what happened to it that's going to the, egg globos that's that that's take this bloody that's take control, of this bloody pregnancy then let's do it I don't know what's going on, it just says rapid space to win over you but I'm am I willing I don't know if I'm winning I don't even know what is going on god I don't get it I so don't. Get it just about space for a very long time, I think that's already out do they really have to do anything else just have the space just pretty much it I mean I'm. Not dying when I'm in here I'm just really living you know. I'm ranked number one out of 334 but I don't understand how I got that way I mean I understand how I got that way. I just say all the colorful balls but I knew I understand why I'm this way i don't i don't understand things good it just says rapid space, left mouse button to Rin and. A Verya I don't know what that means when as many of areas as possible okay but I can't even win 1 i'm taking. My number one crown and i'm swimming out somewhere else maybe maybe I'll penetrate the heart about that and be followed by these people you really want if, you really want to test the king you really want to test seat you like make nothing like, nothing i just beat them like nothing oh is this big fella here thinking he's all that isn't he, thinking sake two of me oh I don't okay so I died but I mean I meant to, die I just gave up him in the end focus didn't see. The point in carrying my name Hey look I had 666 foods is that why I wasn't allowed to progress in life because I was the devil sperm is that why okay so, this is a game I don't truly really, understand that I was number one in it so we are collectively the best firms in the world they nobody ever. Tell you otherwise so thank you very much for watching this game which I don't really understand i mean. I won I'm better than everyone and I don't even get it so imagine if I did know and I did care what I would accomplish .